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Elements of a Haunting

Connecting History with Science to Uncover the Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told

Peek Behind the Scenes of Spine-Tingling Investigations

Join Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari, stars of the hit A&E television show Ghost Hunters, as they delve into the methodology of their most compelling investigations. Within these pages, you will discover the fascinating history of six haunted locations and how it pertains to the events of each case, including details that have never been previously revealed.

Elements of a Haunting covers the shocking secrets of the Athenaeum in Indianapolis, the Madison Seminary in Ohio, the Worley Hospital in Texas, the Glen House in Missouri, and the Original Springs Hotel and Galena Marine Hospital in Illinois. Learn how Brandon and Mustafa gather empirical evidence of paranormal phenomena, as well as the ethics, theory, and protocol they utilize in every investigation. The authors also include their groundbreaking classification system for ghosts and hauntings that is transforming the field of paranormal studies into a true scientific discipline.

$16.99 US

"These seasoned ghost hunters dispel some of the misconceptions and plain old flim-flam that plagues the field of paranormal research. They also offer a unique framework for classifying hauntings. This book is a welcome breath of fresh air."—Richard Estep, author of The Horrors of Fox Hollow Farm and paranormal expert seen on Paranormal 911 and Haunted Hospitals

"Truly a milestone in the paranormal field. Not only does it contain detailed and thrilling stories that make the reader feel they are involved in the investigations themselves, it also establishes the connection between science and the paranormal...An easy-to-follow guide for anyone looking to adopt these techniques in their own adventures."—Lindsey Cennamo, Lindsey Paranormal YouTube channel

"[Brandon and Mustafa] propose an interesting classification system that builds upon the shoulders of psychical research giants and that also raises questions about how ghosthunters should tackle cases...Whether you pick up this book as a ghosthunter or, like me, as a scientist (who is a ghostbuster at heart!), you will find...a book that will help you cross the boundary from the written word into the fascinating world of hauntings."—Ciarán O’Keeffe PhD, MSc, PgCLTHE, BA, associate head of school of human & social sciences and associate professor of education & research at Buckinghamshire New University

"Alvis and Gatollari exhibit an impressive balance of [critical thinking skills and empathy], walking the reader through their process while offering incredible insights and wisdom."—Alex Matsuo, author of The Brave Mortal's Guide to Ghost Hunting and creator of The Spooky Stuff podcast

"These authors show that...we can investigate the supernatural, acknowledge our humanity, and apply the principles of science rigorously at the same time."—Jim Harold, host of Jim Harold's Campfire podcast and The Paranormal podcast

"Elements of a Haunting is a must-read for anyone who is in the pursuit of legitimizing the field of paranormal investigating."—Cat Curtis, Haunting History podcast

"This book will soon become the bible for all future ghost hunters, with its pioneering classification system for earth-bound spirits that’s remodeling the field of paranormal studies into a more scientific approach. A must read."—Elton Brumfield, psychical researcher and historian

"The book deftly combines science, history, and personal experiences with intriguing stories of astounding hauntings from the perspectives of two of the most adept and professional researchers on the scene...A true treasure that stands head and shoulders above other 'ghost hunting' books and a must for anyone who has ever wondered not only if ghosts are real, but what they might be, where they might come from, and how they might get from there...to here."—Marie D. Jones, author of Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings

"[The authors] share their strangest...moments on Ghost Hunters and how these unsettling experiences helped them to develop and refine a standard by which all paranormal investigators can benefit from."—Craig Owens, author of Haunted by History

"A one-of-a-kind, unique blend of science and history, with tones of philosophy and human psychology evidenced through dedicated and unbiased research…I look forward to reading it again and again."—Marni Steel, creator of "Let's GET REAL"

"Elements of a Haunting is the first book I have ever encountered that truly dissects paranormal research as a credible scientific field. However, it is how Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari break down the humanity behind a haunting that sets this book apart."—Malia Miglino, creator of Macabre Mondays

ISBN-13: 9780738768229
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: January 2022
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 264 pages
Size: 5 x 8 x 1 IN
Case Quantity: 44

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