An Interview with Cyndi Dale

1. You’ve previously published books on the chakras, including the recent The Complete Book of Chakra Healing. Why now a book on clairvoyance?

I wouldn’t know that chakras existed if not for my clairvoyance or “clear seeing” abilities. In a way this book is a testimony to the gift that has allowed me to perceive the chakras, but also other “invisible” aspects of reality. As such, clairvoyance has been the platform for my work as an energy healer and intuitive professional, but it’s also provided me a great deal of personal joy. It’s the way I interface with the world, and I like the world.

I think the timing for the release of Everyday Clairvoyant is critical, however, for several temporal reasons. I’m meeting more and more adults and children seeking to develop (and benefit others with) their intuitive gifts. A few decades ago, they couldn’t have sought instruction, much less acknowledged the existence of their gifts. For thousands of years, religion, government, and other institutions have forced the most psychically gifted individuals into hiding, but that’s not happening anymore. If one, ten, or thousands of individuals learn more about their gifts because of my book, I’ll be thrilled. We can only be happy if we get to be who we are, all of whom we are. At least ninety percent of our reality is composed of the unseen. If we can’t open our invisible gifts—learn how to look through eyes, hear through ears, and feel through senses that can only be described as intuitive—we miss out on most of life. We miss learning about who we are.

There’s a greater reason, however. Our world is at a crossroads. In a few years there will be nine billion people to feed. Every nine seconds, a woman dies from abuse. Children are starving, and for no real reason. We’re not going to save or better this planet by doing what we’ve been doing, which is castrating our spiritual abilities and pretending them away. I believe they are the key to co-existence and practical love. That’s why I love that the title of my book starts with the word “Everyday.” Spirituality—and the use of our spiritual intuitive gifts—isn’t to be sequestered in worship sites or psychic development classes. If we can open our spiritual gifts—our very spirits—in our everyday lives, we can change this world. We can fix the very real problems we face collectively and personally and become what we’re supposed to be.


2. You are clairvoyant. How does this manifest for you?

I see images, usually in my mind, that inform me about reality. Sometimes these images are metaphorical, other times they are literal. They might be symbolic, as in featuring certain shapes, numbers, or animal totems, or they might feature real life people. They can hint of the past or the present. Often they represent a potential future. They might tell a story, contain a message, share information about another person, or blare a warning or a promise. And almost always my images are colorful, each color showcasing an important meaning, such as a healing need, a solution, or a personality trait.

Once in a while I see images with my eyes as well. These usually fall into one of two categories. I might perceive the client’s auric field, which informs me about their issues, needs, and personality. I might also envision spiritual beings, including the angelic or the demonic. This information clues me into a client’s spiritual guides and subsequent messages or conversely, the energetic interference that might be causing problems.


3. Why do you feel clairvoyance is important?

Clairvoyance is one of the three main intuitive abilities. The other areas are kinesthetic gifts, which are comprised of ways to sense, feel, perceive, or know the psychic, and the verbal gift, which involves hearing intuitive guidance. What’s special about clairvoyance (rather than the other abilities) can be summed up in a common phrase: A picture is worth a thousand words.

And there’s another phrase to add to the former:

If you can see it, you can fix it.

Images can portray feeling, message, meaning, insight, solution, or a personality characteristic. Pictures can reveal what happened in the past or what might happen in the future. If we can see what’s been, we can change what is. If we can perceive what might be, we can create it. Most important, we can “tune into” what’s really going on and go from there.

For example, imagine that you are psychically attuning to a good friend who has been single for a long time. You decide to use clairvoyance to “check out” the potential of a new relationship.

A brightly flashing image frames within your mind, that of your friend smiling into the face of an obviously adoring human being. A rose color beams between these two; a white heart-shaped cloud surrounds them. It’s not too hard to figure out the meaning of this one, is it? You’re ready to dance at the wedding.

Now pretend that a very different vision creeps into your mind. Your friend is sitting alone in an upright chair, crying. The dating companion hovers, leering in a black cape. Red words stream out of the companion’s mouth. These words pelt your friend, creating small welts on the skin.

Are you going to be supportive of that relationship?

As suggested, clairvoyance can be used for grand—but also everyday—decision making.


4. Can clairvoyance be developed, or is it something with which certain people are born?

Everyone has at least some capacity for clairvoyance. As a gift, it is centered in the sixth chakra, one of the spinning wheels of light that engages energy. Also called the Third Eye, this energy center is present in each of us. Therefore we can all learn how to tap into its power.

Some people are more innately talented clairvoyantly than others, however. We might expect this. We’re not all good singers—ask my kids, who are constantly ordering me to stop singing with the radio. Still, I can carry a tune, if not be “in tune.” The strongest clairvoyants are individuals who need to access the visual gift in order to achieve their spiritual destiny.

Let’s say you are here on this planet to be an opera singer. You’ll need a stronger verbal than pictorial ability. Are you a football player? Your work will require access to the more physical intuitive gift. If your ultimate spiritual objective is to see pictures in your head to help people (aka, me); be an interior designer; or develop strategy for a living (strategy constituting the ability to foresee or shape the future), you’ll be born with a ready-made clairvoyant ability. It will simply be easier to access and hone this ability. The rest of us have to work a little harder.


5. How can we develop our own clairvoyant skills?

I love helping people open their psychic vision! I teach a lot of classes on this subject and usually start by sorting what the gift is from what it’s not. Clairvoyance is the gift of perceiving visual images inside or outside of one’s mind that describe reality or help shape it. It also includes goal setting, performing strategic functions, and foretelling. It is not the ability to be as God. No matter how good we become at visual acuity, we’ll never predict the future with one hundred percent accuracy or receive “all the answers.” There’s simply too much free will for any of us to call the shots all the time. If you’re comfortable with these parameters, you can then move on to develop your clairvoyance.

One way to increase your clairvoyance is to take an intuitive development or energy healing class or read books on the subject. There are a lot of great books about intuition in the market. In 2010, I’m personally self-publishing a book on establishing safe psychic parameters and am going to be teaching intuitive developing via teleconferences. Another simple method is to practice getting images in your head in your everyday life.

For example, when you get up in the morning, spend a few minutes meditating or praying. Ask the Divine or your higher self to provide you an image as a focus for the day. Remember the feeling of being attuned so you can return to it whenever you want.

As you proceed with your day, return to that attuned “in-tune” feeling and ask questions of the Divine or your higher self, emphasizing that you prefer the answers come in pictorial form. Now pay attention! There are several forms the clairvoyant answers might take.

Images might jump into your mind. If they leap in too fast, you can “freeze frame” them and analyze each one for meaning. If you require further insight, ask more questions. If the presenting pictures don’t make sense, ask for more.

When interpreting, always go with your gut sense, drawing on your emotional and physical responses when you have doubts. For instance, let’s say you want to know what to eat for dinner. You envision a stick of butter. Does this mean you should consume an entire stick of butter for first, second, and third course? If the picture makes you feel sick to your stomach, I’d say no. If the thought wields a happy reaction, you still might not want to overindulge in a pound of butter. How about cooking your vegetables in butter rather than margarine?

If the inner pictures aren’t easy to interpret, ask for words as an accompaniment. Request captions. This almost always works for me. For instance, I once asked which month I should select in which to take a vacation. A calendar appeared on my mind’s screen. I pictured myself flipping through the calendar and three months kept sticking together. What’s this? I thought, annoyed at the confusion. I finally demanded annotation and a big phrase printed itself across my mind’s inner screen:


I decided to take short weekend trips in each of the three months.

Another option for the apprentice clairvoyant is to pay attention to the environment. I can’t tell you how many times the visual answer to a question, the solution to a problem, or the sign I needed simply ended up in “right” in front of me. One time I was driving my son to a dentist appointment and he was angry with me. He was going to get a filling for the first time.

“You don’t understand me,” he kept insisting, although I voiced that I did. Exasperated, I finally said, “God understands.” Michael replied, “He does not.”

Guess what happened? A huge bus pulled to the left of our car. Imprinted on it, in gigantic letters, was the phrase, “I understand.”


6. Everyday Clairvoyant includes many explanations of questions commonly asked of you, including questions about soul mates, deceased relatives, and financial gain (the “will I win the lottery” question). What can readers who have not previously had a reading take away from these questions and answers?

The book features the types of questions asked the most often by the most people. That means that first and foremost you’ll find questions—and answers—that apply to your own life. We ALL have questions about relationships, work, and health. Why not “ask” these questions from the cozy confines of your own living room and savor the responses that might aid you?

The other interesting “take away” is that after reading my book you’ll be readied to actually get a reading, if you’d like. There’s an art to giving an intuitive reading, but also in receiving one. You’ll know what to expect and how better to make use of your time and money.

Third, you just might find yourself fascinated by the world opened through clairvoyance. There are all kinds of ways to approach reality, but how about starting by examining the reality underneath reality? Having trouble in relationship? You’ve probably tried everything “normal.” Sometimes we have to look at the “para-normal” to get to the heart of the matter and make effective decisions


7. Is it possible for us to determine our life’s purpose? How can Everyday Clairvoyant help us do so?

Nearly one-third of the book is devoted to helping people uncover, determine, and express their spiritual destiny. We are ALL here to create more love on this planet. It can happen, if each and every one of us commits to living on purpose.

In my book, I explain the story of your spirit and how it was assigned both a spiritual purpose and a set of spiritual gifts through which to achieve this purpose. You’ll read about the main spiritual gifts, clairvoyance being one, and shown how to figure out what yours might be. You’ll also come to understand the reason you are on this planet; in fact, why all of us are, and why this is such a special time in history. You’ll learn the difference between spiritual purpose and work, a calling and a job, and the role of money. And you’ll be supported in figuring out ways to express your special purpose in everyday life, for in the end, that’s what it comes down to: The fact that we all have the choice to live our everyday lives on or off purpose. Guess which way is key to happiness?


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Cyndi Dale?is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and healer. She has written more than thirty books, including?Energy Work for the Everyday to Elite Athlete. Her year-long apprenticeship program through her ...

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