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Venus-Sun Conjunctions Create a Positive Time


On June 8, 2004, Venus transited the Sun by conjunction in a rare heavenly occurrence. The last time that happened was in 1882, and it hasn't happened again until it does this year, in 2012. The 2004 Venus Transit to the Sun heralded the fact that women will be in the forefront of politics, the arts, the environment, and all else in between for the next century.

Venus is the planet that deals with love, wealth, and of course the female of the species. Right now astrologically it's a good idea to keep track of your own Venus placement, in terms of the sign it is in, the house it is in, and to know what transits are being made to your own natal (birth) Venus, since that will enable you to understand what new plans and creative endeavors you can accomplish for yourself.

When Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind is transiting your Venus in a positive aspect, as in a conjunction, trine, or sextile, you know all systems are go for you to be able to express yourself and to put your feelings into words, and vice versa. It's a great time to talk to anyone you need to clarify issues with, including any children or young people you have dealings with.

Venus can tell you what your love nature is all about, and show you who you are attracted to, and who you are not attracted to. When you are undergoing a favorable transit to your personal Venus from Mars, through a conjunction, trine, or sextile, it means the energy is positive for you to meet someone special, and the aspect is there for you to maximize your dating potential.

Venus also deals with wealth, and when your personal Venus is being transited by Jupiter in a favorable conjunction, trine, or sextile, it's a good idea to put forward any money making ideas you may have, and it's a great time to look for a full time job. If you need to supplement your income, then check out all the part time jobs around, since that may boost your finances.

When your Venus is being harmoniously aspected by Neptune, your creativity is high, so use it to its fullest potential, and you will increase your feeling of inner satisfaction and self-esteem, but perhaps also be able to develop your inherent creative ability into a lucrative hobby or sideline.

Those are just some of the scenarios you can look forward to when Venus in your personal chart is highlighted positively by the other planets. Venus is the planet that specifically deals with women, so if transiting Venus is aspecting your natal houses, then you will be dealing with women as they relate to the issues of that house. For example you will be coming into contact with powerful women who can help you in your career path when Venus transits your Sixth or Tenth Houses, dealing more intently with your female relatives when Venus transits your Third, Fourth, and Ninth Houses, and you may decide to go into a business partnership with a woman, or a group of women, when Venus transits your Seventh House.

Another aspect of the current attention the Venus Transit is giving to women is highlighted in the old saying, "as above, so below." That adage applies especially to the scenario facing women right now, since every time another planetoid, asteroid, or moon is discovered in the galaxy above us, another goddess is spotlighted, and her meaning becomes relevant to us and our life journey. Two moons have just been discovered floating around Pluto and one of them was named Nix, after the Greek goddess of the night.

There is already an asteroid with the name Nyx, so the new Pluto moon's name was spelled Nix, but as Shakespeare said, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, so both planetary names feature Nyx. With the double emphasis given to Nyx, it's obvious she has something to say to us, so let's take a look at her mythology. Once we discover Nyx's meaning, we can look her up in our charts, and see what she wants to tell us.

Nyx in Greek mythology is the goddess who rules and governs the night, and in fact she was one of the first divine beings to have been born from Chaos, her father. Once Nyx emerged from Chaos and became an entity in her own right, she gave birth to her children, some without the help of a male partner. The children Nyx had with her brother Erebus (darkness) were Air and Day, but she also conceived alone several other divine beings; the Morai (the three fates), Nemesis (justice and divine retribution), Eris (strife), Hypnos (sleep), and Thanatos (death). That's quite a progeny to be the mother of.

In the many artistic depictions of Nyx she is seen riding through the heavens in her chariot, with a cascade of stars behind her. Even Zeus, the chief of the gods, was afraid to defy Nyx, and in fact there are no tales ever told of him having done so. Nyx was an oracle, and she gave advice from one of her cavern dwellings.

The asteroid Nyx is number 3908 and where she falls in your chart, by sign and house, can tell you a lot about how you navigate and deal with the shadow side of yourself, and in what areas of your life issues that you find psychologically and emotionally complex may arise.

You will actualize Nyx according to her mythology, which means that you may personalize your grievances so much that you lose sight of all perspective, and act in a way that is contrary to your own best interests, or you may have a tendency to just push aside any issues that you have trouble dealing with, and forget them, and you may in effect just "go to sleep" rather than deal with the problems at hand. Nyx placements can also show you where you have strong intuitive ability, and in what areas of your life your sixth sense works most keenly. Remember, Nyx also gave birth to the light of day, so once you work through the dark night you will reawaken to the bright day, and the possibilities inherent in it.

Take a look at what each house means and then you can see how Nyx will manifest herself in those areas of your life. It's also a good way to chart Venus, since when she transits these houses, these are the issues in which she too will manifest herself.

  • First: Your identity, your personality, your inner sense of self, and who you are as an individual, along with your self esteem issues.
  • Second: Money, finances, assets, what you posses, what you own, and what you value the most.
  • Third: Your mind, the way you communicate, your relatives, your neighbors, and the neighborhood you live in. Your childhood education.
  • Fourth: Your mother, and family of origin. Real estate, property, and end of life issues.
  • Fifth: Your love affairs, children, gambling, speculation, entertainment, and your need for popularity.
  • Sixth: Your day-to-day job, your health, service to others, small pets, and the military and civil service.
  • Seventh: Your partnerships, as in marriage or business, and any open enemies you may have.
  • Eight: Your attitude to sex, death, and taxes, and the monies and financial resources you share with others, and any inheritance you may acquire.
  • Ninth: Your philosophy of life, your religious beliefs, your in-laws, your higher education, and any legal entanglements you may encounter.
  • Tenth: Your career path, how the world in general views you, and your status in your community.
  • Eleventh: Your friends and associates, groups you belong to, causes you are interested in, and your hopes and goals for yourself.
  • Twelfth: Your unconscious mind, your secrets, your unspoken needs and wants, and your metaphysical interests. Any institutions you may have contact with, as in hospitals, or any secret relationships, will be shown here.

Right now is a great time for you to utilize your potential, especially every time your Venus is aspected by a transiting planet. In addition, the cosmos has a lot to say to you through all the new information you can gather every time another asteroid, planetoid, or moon like Nyx is discovered, and reclaimed by the universe as a whole.

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