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Evolutionary Astrology: What the Moon's Nodes Mean in Your Chart


No discussion of evolutionary astrology can begin without first mentioning Pluto. In evolutionary astrology, the natal position of Pluto symbolizes the core evolutionary desires/intentions of past lifetimes, while Pluto's polarity point reflects the current evolutionary intentions. Similarly, we can look to the Moon's nodes to see how the evolutionary journey within any given lifetime will take place consciously on an emotional level as we make the transition from our evolutionary past to the future.

The South Node of the moon presents the past lifetime's egocentric structure of the Soul. It reflects how the Soul has consciously integrated the evolutionary intentions of the past (again, this is similarly symbolized by Pluto's natal position). The South Node of the Moon represents the Soul's prior self-image.

Conversely, the North Node reflects the Soul's evolving egocentric structure, and forming self-image for the present lifetime and beyond. It is how the Soul will consciously embrace the current life's intentions (also symbolized by Pluto's polarity point). The Soul will use the specific dynamics reflected in the North Node to facilitate its evolutionary transition as it breaks patterns of the past and embraces the lessons of the future. The Soul's changing egocentric structure (and new identity) is consciously reflected by the North Node. The natal position of Moon (by house and sign) reflects the Soul's current self-image, and how the transition from the evolutionary past to the future will take place on a day to day, minute to minute basis. The core point within this is that as we merge and unite with the Source, a metamorphosis of the egocentric structure occurs. The water triad of Cancer (ego)/Scorpio (merging/metamorphosis)/Pisces (Source) reflects this egocentric change.

Now that we have reviewed the meaning of the nodal axis in evolutionary astrology, we can briefly describe the core evolutionary meaning of the nodal axis in each house/sign. These are general descriptions of the nodal axis, and in order to develop a full and comprehensive analysis of a chart using the evolutionary paradigm we must also include a variety of mitigating factors—such as the natural evolutionary condition of the Soul, economic class, cultural/religious conditioning, and others. We must include these factors because they dramatically influence the expression of not only the nodal axis by house and sign locality but also the entire natal chart.

The descriptions below approach the nodal axis from the South Node, which represents the past. It is important to note that the core evolutionary intentions described by each nodal placement below are simply reversed if the nodal axis is reversed. (In the first description below, for example: if your South Node is in Libra instead of the North, then the description and core evolutionary lessons for the Future becomes the description for the Past, and vice versa.)

  1. South Node in Aries (First House)/North Node in Libra (Seventh House)
    • Past Experiences: The core archetype is one of self-discovery. Self-discovery is linked with experience. In other words, the self-discovery is linked with what is to come, and the resulting need for whatever experience is deemed necessary in order for self-discovery to take place. Aries symbolizes that a brand new evolutionary cycle of becoming is underway. It is a fire sign, which indicates the need for freedom and independence. As mentioned before, the need to initiate whatever experience is deemed necessary in order to discover what this new cycle is about.

Those with the South Node in this house and/or sign have developed the ability to ask and answer their own questions (e.g. independent from others within relationships) and have desired to remain essentially free in regards to the evolutionary past. The need for freedom and independence is emphasized. The focus has been upon development of the identity and self-discovery. These individuals commonly have a natural ability to pioneer, or break new ground, in whatever area of life they choose to commit. A paradox linked with the need to complete oneself through relationships is symbolized by this South Node placement as well. In other words, at some point in life the individual will desire to initiate relationships with others.

  • Future Needs: The need to complete the self with others is a reflection of the evolutionary intentions of the North Node in Libra, yet this need seemingly conflicts with the need for freedom and independence—which creates the paradox described above. The solution to this dilemma is to initiate relationships in which co-equality and mutual self-empowerment can occur. In other words, both partners must have the ability to listen to truly listen to the other in such a way as to identify what to give one another, and also how to support the independent development of one another while maintaining a relationship. In this way, true giving, sharing, and inclusion and take place. In addition, the individual will learn to balance the need for freedom and independence and the need for a relationship in such a way that both needs are met. In a general sense, the North Node in Libra correlates with the evolutionary intentions to achieve equality and balance within social and personal relationships.


  • South Node in Taurus (Second House)/North Node in Scorpio (Eighth House)
      • Past Experiences: From a broad perspective, this placement indicates that core issues of self-reliance and also survival have been experienced in the evolutionary past. An ability to isolate in order to identify one's own essence and inner resources is also reflected in this nodal axis placement. The need to withdraw from the environment in order for the necessary internalization and consolidation to occur is very likely for those with this nodal axis placement. Most often they are equipped with a limited awareness of their own psychological dynamics, because often they have focused only on what was needed for survival purposes. This was necessary (from an evolutionary perspective) in order to establish the necessary self-reliance and also to identify one's own values from within. This also reflects that the inner relationship with oneself has been a focus coming into the life. The need to emotionally stabilize through an inner withdrawal is also reflected in this nodal axis placement.

    • Future Needs: In a general sense, the North Node in Scorpio reflects the evolutionary intention to develop a psychological understanding of why the individual has created the specific value system/meaning/inner relationship in the evolutionary past. In addition, the individual must learn to purge current limitations relative to the frog-in-the-well orientation of the South Node in Taurus/Second house. In other words, the current evolutionary intentions are to progressively transmute pre-existing limitations by understanding the psychological root cause of those limitations. The need to merge with others in such a way that this metamorphosis can take place is indicated by the North Node in Scorpio as well.


  • South Node in Gemini (Third House)/North Node in Sagittarius (Ninth House)
    • Past Experiences: The South Node in Gemini symbolizes that the prior egocentric structure of the Soul is based on the need to collect information, facts, and data from the external environment. The need to re-expand into the physical environment after self-consolidation occurred in the previous archetype (Taurus) is reflected in the Gemini archetype. This occurs through the mental faculty. Gemini correlates to the logical, rational, and left/linear brain. Another correlation is to communication. Dialogue and conversation are vehicles through which the necessary intake of information can take place. An inherent problem with this is a need to create a revolving door of perspectives, because too much data/information is collected in such a way that a consistent point of view is established.


As a result, those with the South Node in Gemini have an emphasized focus on communication and the intake of information within the mental structure. These individuals commonly have a natural ability to write, and to speak to a diversity of people based on understanding their specific view point/perspective. In other words, natural oratory and writing skills are indicated by this South Node placement. In addition, these skills have become an essential aspect of the Soul's prior self-image.

  • Future Needs: The North Node in Sagittarius reflects the need to create a holistic understanding/foundation upon which the diversity of facts/information can be referenced, so that a consistent point of view can be maintained. In addition, the Sagittarius archetype reflects that the intuitive capacity must be developed in order to truly assimilate the information that is absorbed from the external environment (all too often, the information that is collected via the Gemini archetype is not truly integrated. This results in many books purchased yet not read, the need to take one more class or seminar, etc). This archetype correlates to the intuitive/non-linear/right brain.


A core evolutionary intention is to balance the left and right brain (mental/intuitive bodies) in such a way that the Soul can then communicate in a logical and rational way the holistic base, or foundation, upon which all the facts connect. In other words, the Soul can intuitively draw connections between a diversity of facts/information/data. In this way, the Soul will progressively align with natural laws/principles that explain the essence of creation/the universe. The Sagittarius archetype also symbolizes the language system that is used to communicate intuitive knowledge.

  • South Node in Cancer (Fourth House)/North Node in Capricorn
      • Past Experiences: In a general sense, those with a South Node in Cancer have been learning lessons of internalizing emotional security. They have learned how to minimize emotional expectations and dependencies upon others so that their emotional security needs are met. In other words, they have been learning to meet their own emotional security needs from within, and in so doing becoming self-secure in any external circumstance. As a result of learning these lessons, many of these individuals have had difficult childhood experiences, and within their family environment. There is an underlying vulnerability to the environment, and commonly a negative self-image. The key point within this is that the individual must learn to work through this vulnerability by meeting their emotional needs from within. In this way, the self-image will progressively shift from negative to positive.

    • Future Needs: The North Node in Capricorn, in a broad sense, correlates with the need to establish a personal voice of authority within society. It reflects lessons of emotional maturation via accepting responsibility in one's own actions. In addition, the need to become self-determined to accomplish the necessary goals and tasks in life is a core evolutionary intention. For example, it may become necessary to complete school and acquire the appropriate credentials to establish a long-term career. This also requires that the individual becomes aware of the social rules and regulations that allow progression through the different social classes to occur.


  • South Node in Leo (Fifth House)/North Node in Aquarius (Eleventh House)
    • Past Experiences: In a general sense, a South Node in Leo correlates with the need to creatively actualize the special purpose/destiny in life. There will be a strong need to take control of the special destiny and shape it out of the strength of the will. There will typically be a strong self-focus, especially in early life, in order for creative actualization to take place. Most commonly, the pyramid reality is in place. There is also a need to emotionally empower oneself via taking control of one's special destiny. These people can be very encouraging and supportive of others who also desire to self-actualize. The special destiny has become a strong focus, and has strongly shaped the prior egocentric structure. These individuals may also have prior lifetimes of leadership or prominence in some way. As a result, many of these individuals have come in to this lifetime with highly developed leadership capacities. There may also be an unconscious need for recognition and acknowledgement due to past lifetimes of social prominence and leadership.


As mentioned, there is commonly a strong leadership ability that has been developed prior to this life, and a natural need to actualize this leadership capacity. A creative outlet is necessary for the majority of these individuals, due to the strong need for creative self-expression. The pyramid reality structure is usually in place. There is a strong sense of egocentric identification with the creative talents or capacities, which shapes the sense of identity.

  • Future Needs: The North Node in Aquarius reflects the need to emotionally liberate and de-condition from the pyramid reality structure. There is also a need to develop a more objective awareness of oneself and others through detaching from an overly subjective focus in life. As mentioned above, there is a need to connect the special purpose with a socially relevant need, or cause. This will allow the egocentric structure and individuality to progressively change from one that is overly identified with the creative purpose and overly self-absorbed to one that is alignment with an overall humanitarian goal.


  • South Node in Virgo (Sixth House)/North Node in Pisces (Twelfth House)
    • Past Experiences: A South Node in Virgo reflects core lessons in the evolutionary past pertaining to egocentric humility, purification, and improvement. The core archetype is to be of service to the whole greater than oneself. Commonly there has been crisis relative to discerning the correct work, or karma yoga, for the current life. These individuals typically have approached life from an overly analytical and self-critical standpoint. In addition, the psychology of victimization is commonly carried over from the evolutionary past. In addition, there can be a variety of avoidance type of behavior. Crisis is intended to promote the awareness of proper priorities and also discernment of the correct life’s work.


With the South Node in Virgo there is a natural desire to "correct" or atone for the mistakes and digressions of the past (repaying karmic debts). Karma Yoga and right work are both vehicles through which guilt that is carried over from the past can be purged and healed.

  • Future Needs: The North Node in Pisces symbolizes that an entire cycle of evolution is being brought to its culmination. The dynamics of the above-mentioned self-hurt must actively be dissolved and brought to culmination in order for a new evolutionary cycle to begin. As such, a primary relationship with the Source, or the Divine, must be established. Succinctly stated, it reflects the evolutionary intention to dissolve the pre-existing patterns described above that are linked with the psychology of self-hurt through developing a relationship the universal source.


There is also a core intention to shift the focus from deductive logic to inductive logic. Deductive logic is attempting to build the whole out of all the individual parts (i.e., emphasis is on the logical and the rational; a+b=c). In contrast, inductive logic grasps the whole first and allows all the individual parts to naturally reveal themselves. In this way, there is shift from an overly logical and analytical focus (South Node in Virgo) to a more intuitive and holistic understanding of life in general. In this way mental and emotional simplicity can replace an overly analytical/logical focus.

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