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Crystal Body Layouts: Easy & Affordable Ways to

crystals and candles

Learning about crystals and how they actually work can be the greatest discovery; no matter whether you are a newbie or seasoned energy healer, the crystal fascination can turn fanatical! Everyone can enjoy crystal body layouts and feel incredible.

What is crystal healing, and what are body grids/layouts? Crystal healing is an holistic modality to release, enhance, and adjust a person in their totality. The grid work, or layout, is the placement of those crystals on or around a person's body to create positive change. Mastering crystal healing allows you to have the knowledge of which crystals harmonize and accentuate each other to provide optimal healing for the user of the grid and for a certain intent.

So, how do crystals work with the human body? Crystal frequencies work seamlessly with our human electromagnetic field frequencies to adjust and bring to balance what is needed in our lives. The knowledge of how to use crystals as natural holistic healing tools is easy to learn, and it's really exciting to notice and feel the difference in yourself.

Meet your mentor/crystal guru. That would be me, Jolie DeMarco. Many of my students call me the "crystal junkie;" I love crystals unconditionally. I collect and admire their abilities, and also teach about how these magical crystals can change people's lives.

My quest of crystal enlightenment started over ten years ago. At that time, I opened a retail crystal store, and I also began to apply crystals on and around my clients' bodies during reiki energy healing sessions. The results were epic!

I diligently noted and charted the successes of which crystals worked best together (this is considered "crystal harmonizing"). At that time in my life, I believe I was given ancient and sacred crystal knowledge from spiritually guided beings, including the archangels, St. Germaine, Atlanteans, and Lumerian light guides. They showed me through visions and painting, and clairaudiently taught me the synchronization of essential oils, crystals, and mantras with positive intentions. These guides explained to me how to harmonize the crystal frequencies that would adjust a person to balance and wellness. They taught me that everything is energy. These guides spoke of creating positive vibes with crystals and gemstones and that crystals and minerals can assist a person's body on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. I knew, without a doubt, that the universe wanted me to share the knowledge!

Besides the overall healing effects and my clients' miraculous changes from their crystal healings, I learned that people can feel a sense of euphoria and find purpose through a series of crystal healings. The key was using five levels, or ways, that brought contentment for a person to feel complete. These five main categories for crystal healing layouts are:

  1. Layouts for Healing and Wellness
  2. Layouts for Achieving your Goals
  3. Layouts for Attending to your Spirit Self
  4. Layouts for Personal Transformation
  5. Layouts for Spiritual Enhancement

These five levels proved to be pivotal in healing a person on all divisions of "self." I showed others how to self-grid, and created an adventure out of exploring the five levels of healing using 26 crystal body layouts (which are included in my book, High-Vibe Crystal Healing) to feel whole, purposeful, balanced, and unconditionally loved.

I would journal my findings with each crystal layout. I know first-hand that crystals hold frequencies, and science has proven that frequencies of high vibration are healing to humans. I practiced with every type of crystal, and after such trials, I had a true understanding of which crystal had certain vibrations and the effect of each on humans. I understood precisely which crystal should be paired with other crystals and gemstones to complete a purpose.

After years of compiling information and witnessing the effects of crystal healing, I decided to write a "how-to" guide for people to utilize. The book, High-Vibe Crystal Healing, includes my 66 favorite crystals that I found to be really impactful in sessions. I also included my 26 specific combinations of crystals. My goal was to make the book easy to understand and also share crystal grids that are affordable and powerful.

How can you use the 26 High Vibe Crystal Healing layouts? Simple. You choose what your goal is, how you want to advance or change in your life, and go from there. The book is a structured, fun way to learn; it begins with the basics of crystal healing, and then details the 66 crystals and how they work. I explain how to select and care for your new crystal friends. Each crystal is listed with their level/frequency, along with a detailed description of their uses and a full-color image of the stone. Then, learn how to prep for your crystal body layout session step by step, from a diagram for placement of the crystals, powerful mantras, verbal intentions, and an essential oil to amplify your self-healing session. The book also outlines the five categories of layouts, so that you can choose according to your needs.

Use these crystal body layouts to free your mind and body from your daily stressors, increase your vitality levels, release old patterns, cleanse old energy from the past, increase your confidence, and more. You will discover true, balanced wellness for the body, mind, and soul.

And, crystal healing can be affordable! When writing the book, I was mindful of creating the most powerful and cost-effective crystal grids. I wanted everyone to be able to afford a crystal healing layout that could change their lives!

And, there is an added bonus to crystal healing! Crystals are beautiful and unique earthly art, so they be displayed in your home as well as used in a healing session.

Discover the 26 amazing layouts and 66 crystals in High-Vibe Crystal Healing and treat yourself to amazing results;—you deserve to! You can get started with the Soul Talking Crystal Grid below.

Soul Talking Crystal Grid
One particular crystal layout grid that I use quite frequently on my clients is one that helps in releasing negative energy. I named this layout, "Erase and Release Negative Patterns for Positive Vibes," nicknamed "Soul Talking." This is a powerful way to move forward from feeling stuck, and can release old patterns of thought or habits that you want to let go. Once you can release the old and give yourself permission to change, you can further your journey on earth. It helps enlighten and create positive actions for change.

What You Will Need:

  • 2 rutilated quartz
  • 1 crystal quartz
  • 1 auralite 23
  • 1 aquamarine
  • 1 ukanite
  • 1 black tourmaline
  • 1 danburite

Follow the grid below; these stones are strategically placed to coordinate with the layers of the aura and the chakras. They create vibes that are needed to release energy, and then refill those "spaces" with vibes that create a healthy and healing energetic body frequency. You can add an essential oil, such as geranium or frankincense, to enhance the session; place one small dab on the wrists or on the sixth chakra/third eye, which is located between your eyebrows.

Soul Talking Grid

Next, state a positive intention and use the high-vibe mantra, which creates the highest frequency of healing in the space the session is occurring. Potent and effective: this whole session is the "mac daddy" of crystal body layouts.

About Jolie DeMarco

Jolie DeMarco is a master crystal healer, international author, inspirational speaker, and professional intuitive. She is the president and founder of My Flora Aura, a mindful meditation center and metaphysical retail space ...

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