Women: 3 Ways to Wake Up Your Badass Self

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In every woman, there is a badass, just waiting to be fully expressed. That's just the truth. Each and every single woman on this planet is a divine spark that has the power to light up the world.

Sometimes we forget this. Sometimes we buy into the limiting beliefs, or the fear, or the ideas that society might place upon us. And when we do this, we get cut off from the full, honest-to-Goddess truth of what we are. We start to live a life that feels very much disconnected from our hearts and bodies. We start to go through the motions, at which point elements of our daily lives begin to feel stale and uninspiring.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Women don't need to pour time and energy into living a life that is out of alignment with the full beauty, magic, and wonder of what they truly are.

Instead, we need to awaken that badass goddess within—the one who knows every rule by heart, but is fearless when it comes to breaking them.

Below are three ways to wake up your badass self. Pick one or all of them, and get the party started!

1. Find 100 items you don't need, and get rid of them.
When it comes to claiming the fullness of what you truly are, it's always a good idea to start releasing things that you no longer need. The act of releasing is beyond powerful. When you release things you don't need, you create space for what you do need. You are energetically telling the universe that you are done with the old, and ready to leap forward into what awaits you in the next moment.

So, try to find 100 items (yes, 100!) that you are ready to do without and move on from. Go through all the rooms of your house and see what no longer speaks to you. Get rid of the papers, the old magazines, the old trinkets, the old clothes you haven't worn in years, the broken doodads that you never got around to fixing (because in reality, you just never really cared).

Maybe your living environment is already spare and fine-tuned? Perhaps you've been doing this work already, of ridding yourself of clutter. If that is the case, then look in other places for opportunities to purge. Maybe there are emails in your inbox that need deleting, or photos and videos in your phone that have got to go.

Whatever you do, clear out some space, and you will raise your vibration exponentially.

2. Do a body scan and feel what's present for you now.
Many of us go through our days disconnected from what's happening within. This makes sense, given the myriad of responsibilities, meetings, appointments, deadlines, relationships, and...insert any other thing you can think of that bogs us down!

When we're not in touch with all the many sensations, emotions, and feelings that are coursing through us each day, we limit our potential. By not understanding and connecting to our inner landscape, we miss out on an essential aspect of who we are.

Because of this, it;s deeply necessary to check in every day. A great way to do this is by doing a body scan. Start at the bottoms of your feet and slowly make your way up to the top of your head. As you're doing this, feel into each space and notice if there's a hint of...anything...present. Maybe you feel a warmth in your knees, or a fluttering in your heart, or a tightness in your head.

And here's the important part: When you do feel something within, stop and linger there. Breathe and devote your full attention to the feeling or sensation. Give yourself over to it. Stay with this feeling and allow whatever wants to come to the surface to reveal itself. You might even "hear" the feeling deliver a message to you, telling you what it needs or why it's there.

Once you're through with one feeling, continue scanning and moving upward. Repeat the process with each new feeling you discover. If you don't notice anything within, don't worry about it. It might be tricky at first to notice all the sensations, because they happen so subtly. But you will, as you continue to do this. Just keep showing up each and every day to notice what's happening, without any expectations of what you might find there.

3. Raise your vibration by transforming your thoughts.
We are all energy. In fact, everything in the world is made up of energy. Depending upon our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we emit a certain kind of frequency, which actually, in turn, calls certain things, experiences, and relationships into our lives. If we want to actively shape our lives, we've got to raise our vibration and attract the things we want. When we start living life this way, we open up the door to endless possibilities.

The most powerful way to raise your vibration is to transform your thoughts. It's all about weeding out the thoughts that disempower, weaken, or belittle the true power of what you are. If we as women want to claim our power and wake up our badass selves, we've got to cut out the destructive thought patterns that are allowing us to think that we have no worth, or that we are any less than what we truly are.

The best way to do this is by staying wildly present. This means that whenever a negative thought creeps its way into our minds, we are there to swoop in and interrupt it. And once we interrupt it, we can replace it with something positive.

The real trick is being present enough to interrupt the thought. Because the thing is, we've grown so accustomed to allowing our thoughts to run rampant. We need to stay aware and awake to what's happening inside our minds. Each time we interrupt a negative thought and transform it to a positive one, we become more and more in alignment with our badass selves. We raise our vibration in such a way that each day radiates a certain kind of joy and power.

Use these tips to awaken your truest, fiercest potential. You are worthy, sacred, and divine. You are a living blessing on this planet. Keep on shining your light!

About Rhoda Jordan Shapiro

Rhoda Jordan Shapiro has worked for over a decade as a tantric educator, training women to step into their power by way of meditation, movement, dance, and yoga. She is the author of Fierce Woman and Magic Within, and she is ...

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