A New Age of Spiritual Pregnancy: Tips for a Happy Womb Experience

Spiritual Pregnancy

If you can make the future of your unborn child emotionally balanced, guilt-free, and ooze with nothing but positive energy, would you do it? Of course, you would! How could you not?!

Mindful Mama guides you through each week of your gestation journey from conception to the end of the pregnancy whilst using positive affirmations, meditations, and nature's most pressures gifts (such as crystals, flowers, essential oils, the flame of a candle, music, and the chakras).

Mindful Mama helps you, the mother-to-be, remain positive, calm, and most importantly, stress-free throughout your pregnancy. Nurturing your unborn child in this New Age of Pregnancy, you will be creating a well-grounded and self-assured individual in the future.

Mindful Mama is not a substitute book for prenatal care or medical advice (to which you should always adhere), but it is a book about loving the experience of pregnancy and pampering yourself, and to also recognise that pregnancy is the ultimate tool to prepare your unborn child for a bright future.

Within the book, each week of your pregnancy starts off with a positive affirmation, followed by what baby is doing that week, what the mother to be can expect, and things that the mother can do to manifest a loving, happy and peaceful womb experience.

Staying centred and mindful during your pregnancy is a fundamental part of creating life. You will be the vessel, the mainframe that transfers energy signals and thoughts through the connectedness between the two life forces.

If you, the mother-to-be, feel emotionally happy, that energy automatically passes to the baby and in turn, the baby feeds from all that wholesome happiness and nurtures from it. But, if you are troubled due to emotional stress or any unforeseen negative emotional situation, those energies unconsciously transfer through the connectedness you both share and the baby does nurture from it. In short, the baby does feed and nurtures from both positive and negative energy.

By being mindful, you have control over what your child takes from the womb experience. You can't hide the sorrows or the ups and downs of life, but you can sure try to minimise the impact of those negative emotions to the child you carry by asking yourself, "How can I contribute to my future child's future?"

Well, this is how you can start!

Mindful Tips
Buy (or, better still, make) a journal to keep and remember every single precious moment of this wonderful experience. Use colourful paper if you like, and paste pictures and even your baby scans. Write down how you are feeling throughout the weeks and months of the journey. You can even do an electronic journal, and turn t into a photo book down the track! You never know—one day, you may want to share it with your own child or their in-laws, and by you actually taking the time to make it, it becomes even more precious.

Flowers can bring a smile to your face and to your home. Flowers warm the soul, and when your soul sings, so does your baby's. Use flowers as a focal point throughout your pregnancy to help you relax and stay focused (not to mention enhance the beauty of your pregnancy). Their essence is quite calming and nurturing. Use them as a reminder that all is well and all will be as it should be.

Play music that uplifts your soul and makes you happy, but most importantly, play the music that helps you to relax. Whatever music you play during your pregnancy, your child will relate it to in the future. There is nothing more rewarding than your child loving the same music you do. This can be a wonderful bonding tool in the future that you both will cherish in the years to come.

Make crystals an integral part of your pregnancy to connect to and communicate with your baby. By wearing, carrying, or displaying a crystal for a specific purpose, you can communicate that need to the baby. Be it for health, love, or happiness, crystals are excellent spiritual tools to ignite your baby's spiritual path while in the womb. Crystals can make you feel more connected to the baby while creating a bond from the onset of your pregnancy. Crystals can ignite your child's future intuition with nothing but love, happiness, and wellbeing.

Find time to meditate. Meditation calms the mind from the worries and the stressors of the day. Meditation connects you to the baby to strengthen your child's growth and development by creating a peaceful womb experience. You can meditate just about anywhere, even while walking or doing house chores! By being in tune with your body and the life growing within you, you can clear your mind and stay focused on the many tasks ahead. Meditation can conquer your day, leaving you more rested and at peace with your surroundings and the life growing within you will benefit from the practice.

Visualisation is a conscious daydreaming practise and a must while pregnant. By creating a guided positive imagery, you can accomplish a positive outlook on the things that you need, want, or that help you remain happy, calm, and loving throughout your pregnancy. By actively telling yourself something positive, you can make it happen. You can make your self feel that positive affirmation that can transform your day by simply saying things like: "I love the way I look pregnant," or, "My baby is growing healthy and strong." You can manifest your intent for the benefit of the life growing within you and your state of well being.

Color can bring a smile to your face while pregnant; it seeps into your body like a luscious moisturiser to create a need or a positive emotion. Each color has a purpose, and it can be an excellent companion to your pregnancy. By wearing or displaying a specific colour, you create the mood needed to benefit your health, to nuture your baby, and to create a positive environment throughout your pregnancy.

Candles warm the soul and bring peace to your home. The flame of a candle is the fighting and courageous spirit within us all. Candles can also bring peace and harmony to the home and to your pregnancy. The glow of a candle can do wonders at the end of a busy or stressful day. When you see the burning flame, you will settle into a state of calmness; it connects you to a higher state of being, and, most importantly, it can connect with your growing bundle to pass those easy comfortable and peaceful energies to your baby.

A bath is a great way to relax and connect with your baby. A bath relaxes your aching body like nothing else can, and it brings peace to your mind and emotions. Having a bath can connect you to your baby on an emotional level like nothing else can, as water acts as a conduit to pass and connect emotions to your unborn child. When you add colour, herbs, flowers, and even essential oils to your bath, you can create a wondrous emotional relaxing experience for your baby to settle nicely into its weightless comfort.

Essential Oils
The scent of safe essential oils is something you will love using during your pregnancy. Your house will benefit from their scent and energy to create a loving and peaceful oasis you can feel comfortable with during your pregnancy. Essential oils are a great way for your unborn child to develop an intuitive future when older. Essential oils make you feel loyal to your pregnancy to do the right thing by you and your developing child. Breath in their connection to the Universe so can stay connected to your womb and your child.

The Chakras are the seven life centres that reside within all of us. Each of these Chakras has a name and a colour. Each one has a function with our spiritual and emotional body to keep us emotionally balanced. While pregnant, these Chakras can become out of tune just like a musical instrument can. We need to tune the Chakras once in a while to stabilise our emotional bodies. We can do this with positive affirmations, wearing a colour that will active or pacify a particular Chakra, listening to music, meditating, burning candles, using essential oils, or with crystals. Also, keep in mind that your child is also developing its own little chakras while in the womb. Be mindful of your emotions, take time out, don't get involved in the dramatic emotions of others, and communicate with your womb every single chance you get to enforce a peaceful and happy womb experience with you baby.

Your Home
Bring things into your home that make you happy to create a peaceful ambience you can connect and be happy with.

Bringing Baby Home
Create a space you are proud to bring your baby home too. Choose colours to create the emotions you want your child to have and settle down in the baby's room.

Include your partner in this wonderful journey and make them a part of the experience. Don't let them feel they are being left out. You are both in this together. If you are doing this journey on your own, make sure you have friends and a support group you can call upon so you don't feel alone but loved and comforted to know that there is always someone on whom you can count.

The labour room will test your fitness, so keep active as much as you can and make exercise a companion to your pregnancy. Walking and swimming are on top of the list to keep your mind, soul and physical fitness.

Eat the right things. Don't overindulge in the things you know are not good for you and for your pregnancy. Quit smoking and drinking. If you are having problems doing so, please seek help to do so. Lastly, be kind to yourself! Doing so will make you "The Mindful Mama" of this wonderful journey.

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