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Subject: Paranormal Phenomena

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A person who believes he or she was abducted by extraterrestrials. Often, such a person does not have immediate recall of either the abduction or the events preceding, during, or immediately after the experience. The memories are triggered through chance events or during trancework such as hypnosis. Sometimes confused with contactees.

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A technique by which a healer is able to help a person although that person is not present. Often described as the “sending of healing energy” to that person.
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A person not present at a séance, but for whom questions are asked at the séance.
See Also:  absint sitter
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Term used by some believers in reincarnation to describe the period of the soul’s or spirit’s existence after the physical death of the body but before reincarnation into a new physical body. There are many theories as to what happens during this period ranging from quiet, rest, and recovery to training in preparation for the next physical incarnation. In some instances the spirit may try to manifest on the physical plane, resulting in their appearance as ghosts.
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During the life between lives we are progressively empowered to use past life experiences as critical growth resources to accelerate our evolution through next life planning.

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1.  While in a hypnotic trance, the process of taking a person into an imagined version of a potential future. Used for helping to set goals and in overcoming some fears.
2.  Hypnotic age progression is an innovative approach that has demonstrated unusual effectiveness in identifying future events of both personal and global significance. The program uses self-hypnosis to induce the trance state during which awareness flows with ease along the time continuum until it is arrested either voluntarily or spontaneously to engage areas that command special attention. This approach is especially effective in identifying future happenings that can be either prevented or ...
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1.  A person who unintentionally causes unusual physical phenomenon described as poltergeist activity. The person may be shocked to know he or she is the source of the phenomena. Most often the agent is a girl going through puberty, although it may be a boy.
2.  A person on whom a haunting seems to be centered.
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1.  A recording of all events that have ever occurred and said to be stored in a spiritual substance, Akasha, that surrounds the earth.
2.  The collective unconscious is a kind of group mind that is inherited from all our ancestors and includes all the memories and knowledge acquired by humans and sometimes is called "the Akashic Records." It is believed to exist on the higher astral and lower mental planes and to be accessible by the super consciousness through the subconscious mind in deep trance states induced through hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation and guided meditation It is a function of the Astral Light to retain all ...
See Also:  acashaakacha
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An experience, usually unexpected or unwanted, of being kidnapped by alien beings. Often the experience has been repressed and is only recovered during hypnosis. This is different from the contactee experience where persons consciously desire communication with aliens and often stay in contact with supposed aliens.
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(Magick – Ceremonial) Are there such things? Are not all forces and beings part of a single and Divine Cosmos? Presumably, we have to say yes to that, but we also recognize that at different circumstances and times there are negative options. A snake bite can be poisonous. Even your pet cat can bite you and cause a severe, life-threatening infection. In the context of magick, we are excluding from the Circle anything alien or unfriendly to the intent of the operation. Note the ...
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The alpha brain wave is associated with inner levels of mental activity, tranquility, rest, and relaxation. It is also associated with inspiration, creativity, accelerated healing concentration, and ESP.
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The brain generates weak electrical impulses representative of its particular activities. As recorded by the electro-encephalograph (EEG), they fall into particular levels assigned Greek letters. Beta, at 14-26 cycles per second, is our normal waking state including focused attention, concentration, thinking, etc. Alpha, 8 to 13 cycles, is the next level down characteristic of relaxation, alert receptivity, meditation and access to the subconscious mind. It is at 8 cycles per second, the border ...
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1.  Also known as an ASC, a state of mind that is different from normal, waking consciousness. Examples of an ASC range from dreaming and daydreaming to trance, out-of-body experiences, and drug-induced states. Besides pointing out that “normal, waking consciousness” is simply something people agree upon (“consensus reality”) and implying that there is a greater reality than what we normally accept, certain magickal, mystical, and paranormal phenomena may occur during an ASC.

2.  Wakefulness and sleep are the two most familiar states of consciousness. Others include dreaming, meditation, trance, hypnosis and self-hypnosis, hallucination, astral projection, etc. ASCs can be induced by sleep deprivation, chanting, fasting, ecstatic dancing, drumming, sex, psychedelic drugs, and conscious self-programming. Once you’ve been "there," it is easier to get there again.

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A practical exercise to stimulate six psychic centers, energize the aura, circulate energy and awareness throughout the aura, and then to expand the aura and awareness to encompass all the earth.

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The belief that aliens landed on Earth thousands of years ago. Some contend that this ancient beings helped humanity develop and even evolve. Others claim they used early humans for their own ends.

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1.  A term coined by Franz Mesmer describing what he considered to be a type of “fluid” or force that had magnetic qualities in people and that could be used to heal. Although this was clearly a type of energetic healing technique, he often includes positive suggestions along with sending the energy, which produced a trance-like condition in patients. Followers focused only on the trance and suggestion aspect leading to various forms of hypnotism.

2.  Etheric, or life, energy that, like Reich’s Orgone, is present in all animal life. It can be concentrated, stored, transferred and projected by magical practices—essentially the use of a trained imagination. It formed the basis for many of the practices of Mesmerism, considered by some to be an early forerunner of Hypnotism.

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Strange cases where the bodies of animals, frequently cattle, are mutilated in ways not expected. Although experts attribute these cases to natural predators, others disagree, pointing out what appears to be surgical precision to the wounds, claiming that the mutilations may be due to satanic cults or aliens.
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Expression used to describe what appears to be psychic or paranormal abilities in non-human animals. Sometimes represented by the term, “Anpsi.”

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A concept relating to reincarnation. When a soul is ready to reincarnate, it will announce itself, often to the woman pregnant with the soul’s future body. Sometimes, however, another person—such as the future child’s father or other relative—will have the announcing dream. Implies that the soul of a person does not enter the body at inception.

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An experience that cannot be explained by currently accepted Western scientific theories.

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Phenomena found in the natural world that cannot be explained by currently accepted Western scientific theories. Also known as Fortean phenomena (named after the famed collector of reports of such phenomena, Charles Fort), an example would be a rain of frogs.

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Something found that has no explainable source; strange, unrecognizable shapes appearing in photographs taken at haunted sites and cemeteries.
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A term used to describe any device that can either overcome or not be affected by gravity. Such a device has numerous potential benefits, ranging from space travel to high-speed rail or even personal transportation devices. Current forms of such devices tend to use high-powered magnets to slightly counter the effects of gravity, however they have limited range. Other, devices that their inventors claim are not affected by gravity, have not been consistently and reliably demonstrated under test ...
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1.  A visible presence usually identified as a ghost. Often associated with the soul or spirit of a person that for some reason has not continued on their spiritual evolution and is “earth bound” or trapped close to earth until some activity can be concluded. Apparitions can be recorded by cameras and may clearly be individuals or as swathes of light or small, glowing spheres.
2.  A disembodied spirit that appears either fully or partially visible to the human eye; may be captured in photographs.

3.  A projection of one’s image that is seen by another. Unlike Astral Projection, the appearance is mostly spontaneous and does not involve the projector entering into a trance state. Apparitions are often connected with a personal crisis or intense interest in the other person. Sometimes the apparition is coincidental with the person’s death.

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A phenomenon in which sensory perceptions are associated with inner, subjective impressions.

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The aptitudes and capabilities you demonstrate.  Many self-improvement classes give you new aptitudes that augment your "Application Programs."

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1.  A physical object that appears from nowhere. Usually, apports appear during a physical séance, and often at the request of a medium. Some believe they are instantly created from ectoplasm, while others believe that come from another dimension or location. Apports are usually small items, however numbers of roses are not uncommon.

2.  The appearance of an object as if moved from another location by psychic means. It is believed to involve the dematerialization and then rematerialization of the object.

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A remote site of Edwards Air Force Base about 95 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada. Known to the CIA as either Groom Lake or the Nevada Test and Training Range, it is used to design and test advanced aircraft. Many people believe it houses alien space ships that are being reversed engineered for their technology. Others believe it houses either the bodies of dead extraterrestrials or even living aliens who are giving the U.S. technological secrets. 

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Although it means theft and larceny, when it comes to Spiritualism the word "asport" means something removed from a séance room by unknown means. It's the opposite of an apport, and is often found in a nearby room. One famous medium who made possessions of her sitters disappear was Eusapia Paladino.

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An astral projection procedure induced by hypnosis to survey past life experiences and retrieve those particularly relevant to current needs.

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Each body or vehicle is inclusive of the one “beneath” it in the familiar scheme of levels of consciousness. With basic aura seeing, each higher vehicle’s aura extends further beyond the skin of the physical body in this sequence: physical body, etheric double, astral, mental, and causal vehicles for a total of four. Higher vehicles are not perceptible by ordinary clairvoyance.

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The essential goal of astral projection is to extend awareness beyond the limitations of the physical brain to become fully conscious on the astral plane. Moving beyond single body limitation to multi-body consciousness our horizons become infinite.

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An involuntary loss of astral matter, frequently called ectoplasm. Most likely to occur when someone is traveling on the astral plane and does not now how to protect themselves in that area. Generally, this “bleeding” is seen by psychics as occurring from the solar plexus.
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The fluid stream of psychic energy used to convey telepathic messages in the Astral Telepathy System.

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An alternate term for "astral body."

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A procedure designed to arrest sleep and induce Out-of-Body travel to designated destinations.

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The unique cosmic structure underlying each person's individuality as a conscious entity.

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A procedure designed to acquire outer growth resources available only through Out-of-Body interactions with higher astral planes.

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A procedure designed to muster PK resources during the Out-of-Body state, and focus them on specific health or fitness goals.

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Methods of therapy that occur while having an out-of-body experience.

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An Out-of-Body induction procedure designed to facilitate Out-of-Body astral scanning of multiple planes.

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1.  A technique to examine the physical plane while having an out-of-body experience.

2.  A procedure designed to induce Out-of-Body clairvoyant scanning.

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A system for communicating without physical contact that involves being out-of-body.

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An Out-of-Body induction procedure that introduces Out-of-Body walking as a figurative, multi-directional phenomenon.

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In 1908, Dr. Walter Kilner invented aura goggles involving screens of dicyanin dye by which he could perceive the ultra-violet part of the field around the body that he termed "The Human Atmosphere" in a book of that title he published in 1911.

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  1. A procedure that photographs the aura. See Kirlian Photography.
  2. A questionable technique that uses special lenses to produce a spurious set of colors around a person in a photograph. Often found at "psychic fairs" where people charge for the pictures and their interpretation.
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A form of self-hypnosis where a person induces hypnosis in himself or herself, and gives suggestions, without the assistance of a device such as a recording of the hypnotic induction and suggestions.
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1.  A means by which a non-physical entity—classically a spirit of someone who has died—can communicate with the living. A person holds a pen or pencil on some paper in a relaxed and expectant state of mind (some believe it requires a trance state). Either the spirit moves the hand externally, or the spirit temporarily inhabits the body to do the writing to leave messages for the living. Often, the comments from the spirit are in answer to question asked by “sitters” at the séance or by ...
2.  A psychic strategy in which spontaneous or involuntary writing is used to bring forth information, typically from the subconscious mind or seemingly guided by spirits. A form of Channeling in which a person, sometimes in trance, writes or even keyboards messages generally believed to originate with spiritual beings, or with aspects of the subconscious mind.  In automatic writing, the hand holding a writing pen typically rests lightly upon a sheet of blank paper and is allowed to write ...
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A generic term for any of a set of actions—from simple finger movements to more complex and creative activities such as drawing, writing, composing or playing music, etc.—that occur without the conscious control of the person(s) doing the action. Debunkers accurately point out that the actions may be caused by the unconscious mind controlling the body, but cannot explain the quality that may result. One famous debunker, known for testing people’s claims to psychic powers, ...
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Often an aspect of astral projection, autoscopy refers to the ability to see oneself from a position outside the body. It may refer to seeing the astral double or, upon projecting, to seeing one’s own physical body.

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Richard Shoup of the Boundary Institute believes “we are surrounded by backward-acting influences, in which the future causes the present. The reason we don’t see most of these backward-caused effects is that they are often small and subtle, and because we are looking in the wrong places for them.” (Quoted in Dossey, The Power of Premonition.) We have to be attentive and expand our awareness, and above all we must want to know the future and give them a means to show ...
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An uncomfortable sensation experienced in connection with person or place and interpreted as a forewarning of something dire. 

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1.  (paranormal) A Scottish or Irish spirit; its scream or wail indicates an impending death.
2.  (myth) (from Celtic bean, woman, and sidhe, fairie) A fairy who is attached to certain old family lines, she wails before a death in the family. If seen, she may be clapping her hands. It is believed that the keening (caoine) performed by people at some Irish funerals may be an imitation of the wail of the banshee. Another traditional visual that would accompany the banshee is the “coach-a-bower” (coiste-bodhar). Drawn by headless horses, this is a large black coach with a coffin on it. If ...
See Also:  banshe
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A term used by paranormal investigators used to describe a simple and standard type of card guessing. A deck is shuffled and the subject is asked to name the top card. After the guess, the card is turned up to compare to the guess and placed to the side.
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Spiritual beings that live in the hereafter, heaven, or spirit world.
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An area in southwestern Vermont where, between 1920 and 1950, five people mysteriously vanished. This name was given to the wilderness area by author Joseph A. Citro in two books he wrote.

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Originally given this name by Vincent Gaddis in Argosy magazine and popularized in a book by Charles Berlitz, it is an area in the Atlantic Ocean where a group of ships and planes have supposedly disappeared in surprising numbers. The triangle is an area where there are large amounts of UFO activity. Also called the “Devil’s Triangle,” its “points” occur in Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Numerous explanations for the loss of ships in this are have been given, while others have ...
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Angel who appeared to Geoffrey Hodson, the clairvoyant and Theosophist, in 1924. Bethelda told him that angels were divided into specialized groups such as the angels of healing and the angels of nature.
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A large, hairy bipedal creature said to exist in wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, but has supposedly been sighted in other areas of the U.S. including the Great Lakes region and southern states. Although hoaxes concerning the creature have occurred, its existence has been indicated through physical signs (footprints, handprints, fecal matter, hair, blood) and even one brief film. The film’s authenticity, however, has been questioned. The creature is described as ...
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A technique where questions are written on small pieces of paper, then folded up or sealed in an envelope and given to a psychic who attempts to answer the question with the help of paranormal powers of information from spirit guides. Unfortunately, since the paper is so small, it is easily manipulated by fake psychics. The small piece of paper is known as a “billet.”
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The ability to appear simultaneously in more than one place.
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1.  The ability to be in two different places at the same time.

2.  (Also spelled bi-location) Instances where a person appears simultaneously in two separate locations, one of which is believed to be the physical body and the other the astral body.

See Also:  billocation
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Term used by psychic researchers to describe the use of the mind to have an effect on biological functioning by paranormal means. An example would be speeding or slowing cell division in a Petri dish.

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1.  In paranormal experiments, something for which a test subject is not informed. In some cases, the experimenters will say they are testing for one thing (the blind) when in reality they are testing for something else.
2.  A procedure where an independent judge determines if a drawings made by test subjects match target images.
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1.  Also known as the astral body, it is a figure that is created out of astral substance and used during astral projection to house the consciousness.

2.  Sometimes used as an alternative for the Astral Body, but more correctly as an image created ritually out of the astral light through the power of imagination and used by a magician as a vehicle for conscious perception and action.

Suggested Reading

– Ashcroft-Nowicki & Brennan: Magical Use of Thought-Forms – A Proven System of Mental & Spiritual Empowerment

– Slate, J.H. & Weschcke, C.L.: Astral Projection for Psychic Empowerment, 2012, Llewellyn

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Also known as Bohm’s Theory of Implicate Order, it indicates that there is a deeper connection between everything in the universe. David Bohm thought that there may be a deeper reality or interconnectedness that explains non-local quantum events.
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Originally built in 1862, this Victorian mansion in Borley, Essex, England, became famous in 1929 when reports of paranormal phenomena and ghosts, published by famed researcher Harry Price, were published. Immediately, reports of spirit sightings increased. The house was heavily damaged in a fire in 1939 and demolished in 1944. In 1948, after the death of Price and demolition of the house, Price’s accounts were somehow investigated by the Society for Psychical Research which determined ...
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An altered state of consciousness that may be achieved by being a Bottom.

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An area in southeastern Massachusetts, described by research Loren Coleman (Mysterious America), where a great deal of paranormal activity has occurred. Consisting of about 200 square miles, sighting in the area have included bigfoot, thunderbirds, UFOs, giant snakes, fireballs, cattle mutilation, and orbs.

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In electrophotography, the phenomenon in which the electromagnetic pattern around the fingerpad separates into two parts during the Out-of-Body state. See electrophotography.

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A large enclosure with a curtain in the front. Usually, they were big enough to hold a chair and a table. During a séance, a medium would be bound and secured within the cabinet, often tied to a chair or post. Objects such as tambourines and bells would be placed on the table. With the curtain closed spirits would supposedly “come through” the medium in some way to play the instruments, move things around, cause lights to flash, etc. Some magic entertainers have been able to ...
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A basic form of ESP testing. It uses a deck of cards (such as regular playing cards or Zener cards) and repeated rounds of testing. This technique can be used to test for precognition, by having the subject guess a card before it is revealed, telepathy, by having the subject guess a card being looked at by the tester, etc.

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 The Sleep-Learning program, also called Celestial Learning, is based on the premise that bodies of knowledge presently unavailable to conscious awareness exist in the astral realm and can be acquired through spontaneous out-of-body travel during sleep. The program recognizes individual differences in rates of learning and the possibility of accelerating learning through out-of-body interactions during sleep with advanced learning specialists.  Celestial Learning emphasizes two ...
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In the PK Pool of Power, a procedure used to take water from the PK astral pool and pour it over the astral body. See PK Pool of Power.

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A lake monster believed to inhabit Lake Champlain, which crosses the US and Canadian borders and the New York and Vermont borders. Similar to the more famous Loch Ness Monster (Nessie), there have been over three hundred sightings of this creature.

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The occurrence and development of events without any obvious design; random, unpredictable influences on events that cannot be anticipated by normal means.

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A person who allows a spirit to speak through them. This involves the (usually) willing participation of the channeler who temporarily allows a spirit to “possess” their body. A spirit medium may or may not be a channeler. Also known as a “trance medium” (and incorrectly a “transmedium”).
See Also:  trance mediumtransmedium
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1.  A technique of communicating with a non-physical entity. The channeler or trance medium allows a non-physical entity (usual a spirit) to inhabit or take over their body to they can more easily share information, guidance, etc.
2.  Receiving information from a discarnate entity or a higher spiritual being. It may also refer to communication with an aspect of one’s own subconscious mind. It is similar to, but not necessarily the same as, the spirit communication of mediumship. In both, however, one person serves as bridge between a spirit or spiritual intelligence and people of ordinary consciousness. In spirit communication, the medium is more often unaware of the communication; in channeling of spiritual ...
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(1874–1932) Writer and novelist who achieved fame for collecting reports of paranormal phenomena in works such as The Book of the Damned.

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(1850—1935) Famed French physiologist who won the Nobel Prize in 1913 for his work on understanding acute allergic reactions known as anaphylaxis. Richet also studied Spiritualism, investigated mediums, and became the president of the UK's famed Society for Psychical Research (in 1905). He believed that there was a physical explanation for mediumistic phenomena, rather than adhering to the idea that the phenomena were caused by spirits. He believed that some of the phenomena were caused ...
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A vital procedure in all astral training because astral consciousness includes the faculties of imagination and dreaming and untrained they lead to fantasy and even delusion. Variations of the phrase include “test and verify” and “trust, but verify.”

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See Horse.

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First reportedly sighted in Puerto Rico, this mysterious paranormal creature, or cryptid, is so named because it has become known for supposedly drinking the blood of domesticated animals, especially goats. The name is literally Spanish for "goat sucker." Now believe to roam the US (especially in southern states), Mexico, and Puerto Rico, descriptions of the creature vary. It may have three large teeth, have a line of spikey spines running from its tail up its back to its neck, and be as large ...
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A code set up by a person that he or she intends to use to prove that they are actually communicating after their death.
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Another name for a group of people having a séance.
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1.  One of several psychic abilities, this is the description of supranormal auditory talents, allowing a person to hear beyond the normal purview of the ears. Sometimes used to hear a message from a spirit.

2.  The psychic ability to hear things inaudible to most people, such as the voices of spirits, sometimes sounds of inanimate objects such as crystals, minerals, artifacts, etc. 

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One of several psychic abilities, this is a description of general supranormal feelings. That is, a person with this ability can sense or feel something beyond the normal purview of the physical senses. Sometimes described as a “knowing” of some information.
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A person with the psychic ability of being able to sense, feel or know information (including knowledge, smells, tastes, etc.) without the use of the physical senses.
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1.  One of several psychic abilities, this is the description of supranormal visual talents, allowing a person to see beyond the normal purview of the eyes. Such visual ability may allow a person to see past or future events or present events which were not physically observed. Also the ability to see non-physical things such as spirits.
2.  Sometimes called “ESP,” the psychic ability to perceive things invisible to most people, such as auras, various health indicators, spirits, as well as things at a distance in space or time. It includes skrying. Both clairaudience and clairvoyance, and other psychic skills, have been induced through hypnosis and self-hypnosis showing them to be innate to the human psyche. "As part of the unfoldment of the human intellect into omniscience, the development occurs at a certain stage ...
3.  Although generally used to mean any sort of psychic ability to know, see, hear things from afar, in the future or past, on the spiritual planes, etc., among Spiritualists it is specifically used to mean some form of psychic sight. It can occur to a person either as subjective clairvoyance or objective clairvoyance, and may be challenging for a person having this experience to discriminate between the two. Further, the difference between the two can be viewed as a continuum rather than as an ...
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1.  A person with the power of clairvoyance. A mental medium.

2.  (“Clear-seeing”) A person who can obtain information through “seeing” things that others do not.

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A person who obtains information through “seeing” things, usually via spirit communications, that others do not.

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A rare phenomenon in which clairvoyant information is revealed in reverse form. Examples are reversed numbers and spellings.

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Liberation of the clairvoyant faculty to probe other realities. See Astral Sweep.

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The process of driving evil or negativity from a person, thing, or area. Witches and magickal practitioners clear an area before performing magick. Similar to a banishing, but often does not use a formal ritual.
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A set of cards used in ESP testing such as Zener cards. A subject tries to determine or “guesses” the symbol on card being viewed by a tester or predicts the next card and each card appears a fixed number of times. Statistical analysis of tests run using a closed deck uses different protocols than testing using an open deck. (See “Open Deck.”)

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A technique used by Wilhelm Reich wherein he used a device that supposedly fired Orgone energy at clouds to make it rain. He officially used it twice and received some level of success, eventually abandoning the practice for fear of lawsuits from people who might claim too much rain or that he was taking rain away from other areas. Instead, he used the device to "shoot down" what he believed were UFOs that were trying to destroy our world.

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A supposedly psychic technique of choosing a small cloud and causing it to quickly dissolve at will. This is also used by some people as a test of their psychic abilities or to prove one's psychic abilities to others. Debunkers claim this is not real, as most small non-storm clouds will dissipate on their own (especially on windy days) within about 20 minutes. However someone trying to make clouds dissolve will usually achieve his or her goal in a few seconds or minutes. 

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A technique used primarily by fake psychics and false mediums to deceive people. The basic principle of cold reading is that people can be pumped for information and then made to believe that this data was received supernaturally. This is combined with people’s almost egocentric tendency to find serious meaning in general statements. Most people help the “miracle” along by tending to read deeper into something than is justified.
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An apparition seen by more than one person simultaneously.
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The combining of clairvoyant faculties of two or more persons to gather clairvoyant information.

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The name for the experience of several people simultaneously observing a visual image such as an apparition.
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Every mineral reflects some portion of the natural color spectrum. These reflections connect the crystal energy and earth power of the mineral to the human mind. These are the Color Rays of Influence.
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Shows the cycles of human life and the cycles of the Earth combined within the color spectrum. It matches human activities, desires, and life events to the cycles of the Earth and depicts the appropriate color ray of influence for a talisman.
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In the discussion of mediumship, a message from a non-physical entity. “I received this communication from spirit.” Also see "Spirit Communication."

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A two-component strategy for activating telepathic sending and receiving.

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A technique, traditionally used in the beginning of training for the development of telepathy, where one person reads the mind of another while lightly touching the other person (usually holding the hand or an arm). Also known as muscle reading or Hellstromism, after the performer Hellstrom who demonstrated this in public shows. To develop true mind reading, first learn contact mind reading, then, instead of touching the person, connect with the person through a hard objects such as a yardstick ...
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A phenomenon characterizing the liberated discarnate state, in which command of past experiences exists on a need-to-know basis.

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A phenomenon characterizing the typical incarnate state of constricted memory.

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A group of random people who are given a test, the results of which give a baseline range or “norms” as part of clinical experimental protocols. A subject would then be tested and the results of his or her tests would be compared to the norms.

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The full realization of personal growth potentials related to past-life experiences.

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A strategy designed to activate Out-of-Body precognition by focusing on external, cosmic sources of precognition.

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A Procedure leading to self-empowerment through astral projection facilitated by a framed sheet of clear glass.

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In Past-Life Excursion, a chart of the orbs and lines representing elements of our past, including pre-incarnate, incarnate, and discarnate experiences. See Past-Life Excursion.

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The astral double. That aspect of physical matter—alive or not—that exists only on the astral plane. The counterpart can survive after its physical plane aspect has ceased to exist. 

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An OBE preparatory exercise designed to extinguish any subconscious resistance to astral projection by focusing on moving images outside the body.

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An apparition seen on (or just before or after) the anniversary of their death.
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Sometimes associated with, but not limited to, UFO lore in which 1) often crudely formed "amateur" geometric patterns are found in agricultural fields of such crops as grass, corn, wheat, etc. 2) Finely detailed and "professional" complex geometric patterns in the midst of field crops. In both instances, these large scale "drawings" happen at night. In most of the "amateur" class examples, pranksters have admitted to dragging wood beams to break down the crops. In the case of the "professional" ...
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Some sort of message from non-physical entities such as spirits.
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The intersection of two roads, such a location is sometimes a locus of paranormal activity. This may be related to the ancient worship of the Greek goddess Hekate. Besides being the goddess of the home, of newborns, and of Witches, she was also considered the goddess of the crossing of three roads. Often, a small pile of stones at such sites would mark the location of her worship. By the end of the sixteenth century, such worship was downplayed and the location of three roads (tri via) resulted ...
See Also:  crossroad
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A term used by some Spiritualists to describe all aspects of mental mediumship. This is where there are no physical phenomena produced; however, the medium is able to bring forth messages to the sitters. The term was coined by Charles Richet.

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Supposed original thoughts that are actually the recall of forgotten memories. These may be mistaken as paranormal revelatons and may explain some past-life memories.

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A technique that uses an out-of-body session to re-experience past-life origins of traumas that have resulted in negative effects in you current life and liberating yourself from their impact.

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The experience that some dying people seem to have wherein they see and communicate with dead friends and relatives.

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A person who attempts to disprove false beliefs, facts, or information. Some debunkers, rather than doing this, attempt to disprove any beliefs, facts, or information that refutes their own beliefs, often relying on such techniques as misrepresentation, “straw man” arguments, and ridicule rather than using science or logic.
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1.  In aura photography, the decline in brightness of recorded images.

2.  In tests of psychic abilities, an expression that describes how some subjects may have decreasing results over time.

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1.  The feeling that current experiences are repetitions of something that has happened previously.

2.  Traditionally written déjà vu [French], a phenomenon in which a new event appears familiar or as if it had been previously experienced.

See Also:  dejavu
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An umbrella term for any anomalous experience.

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1.  An inexplicable fading away or sudden disappearance of a physical object.

2.  The fading away or disappearance of an entity or object that is usually invisible, such as a spirit or ghost.

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The process of exploring paranormal phenomena to make it less mystical and more scientific.

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Seeing (stimulation of the optic nerve receptors) through the skin.

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A strategy utilizing sleep to induce out-of-body travel.

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A term used by Spiritualists to denote a group of people, generally ones who meet regularly, with a goal of being trained to develop mediumistic or psychic abilities.

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One of any type of tests uses by parapsychologists using dice to test the psychic abilities of a subject. Skills tested for may include the ability to predict or control the numbers that will appear on the next (or a future) throw of the dice, or the ability to determine the number showing on dice that is either observed by the experimenter or hidden from the experimenter.

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A blue dye that has allegedly been made difficult to possess since WWII. Walter J. Kilner (1847–1920), a British physician, developed “screens” consisting of two sheets of glass with dicyanin sealed between them. He believe that by looking through them you could sensitize your eyes, allowing you to see onto the astral plane. For years, FATE magazine sold small versions of these “Kilner Screens” or “Dicyanin Screens” known as “Aura Goggles.”
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1.  The term “dimension” has certain specific meanings in mathematics and physics, such as the three dimensions of length, width, and height. To mystics and occultists, a dimension is the area in which we exist and which is bounded by the extent of our normal five senses. Thus, we normally experience life in this physical dimension while the next or astral dimension is outside of our normal apprehension and is usually observed only via paranormal senses.

2.  Each Plane or level of reality has certain distinctive characteristics of Space, Substance, Energy, Consciousness, Nature, and “Rules of Engagement” that must be recognized as determinate for phenomena at that particular level and for efficient and effective functioning of consciousness at the chosen level. According to the esoteric teachings of Henry Laurency the increase from three dimensions at the physical plane to four at the astral, five at the mental, etc. seven at the ...
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1.  The hearing of voices, usually sharing of information or answering questions, primarily during a séance. The voices are heard coming from near the medium or out of a megaphone known as a “horn” or “trumpet.” The voice does not come from the medium. One of the most famous cases of DVP took place during séances given by “Margery.” While being tested by Houdini, she had to breathe into a device that would visually indicate that she could not be using her own voice. Houdini claimed ...

2.  When a medium allows a spirit to directly speak through her/him, it appears to be the voice of the deceased.

See Also:  DVP
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During a séance, the appearance of writing on a surface that was unmarked. It may appear all at once, either suddenly or gradually, or it may appear letter by letter. Supposedly, the writing is from a spirit.
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"A directive is a small sample, or token, of what you are going to search for: a little bottle of water for instance, a chip of whatever mineral, a sample coin or artifact, a few leaves if you seek a particular plant, or, no matter what may be your quest, its name in bold lettering on a piece of card. These are only a few examples of possible directive; there is no end to their variety, and dowsers exercise great ingenuity sometimes in devising tokens to represent successfully something of ...
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Literally “outside of the body,” it is a synonym for a ghost, spirit, or non-physical entity.
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A record of one's personal existence in the discarnate realm between past lifetimes and following one's final incarnation.

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Any of a myriad of manifestations of the discarnate realm, to include ghosts and hauntings.

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Certain parapsychology tests involve series of turns, such as guessing a series of cards. In some occasions, subjects have shown greater accuracy not of the immediate target, but of one two, three, or more in the future. This type of result is known as displacement.

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In occult terminology, the separation of the astral body from the physical body. In psychology it means moving from a position of first person to third person. In some situations, this can be a good thing. For example, it can be a natural response to abuse and violence to protect the mind. However, staying is a dissociated state is a sign of extreme mental illness.
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An abbreviation for Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems, it means that the subject has been able to show some sort of influence via paranormal means over natural physiological processes.

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A strategy that emphasizes imagery, choice and self-determination in acquiring psychic information, particularly of a precognitive nature to possibly allow conscious influence of future events.

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1.  (German for “double walker”) An astral or non-physical spirit that looks identical to a physical person. Often seen by the person for whom the döppelganger is a duplicate.

2.  A seemingly unconscious projection of the astral body.

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In scientific research, including parapsychology, a procedure wherein neither the subject nor even the experimenter is aware of valuable key aspects of the experiment. For example, one experimenter could put a variety of photos in separate envelopes. A second experimenter would randomly choose one of the envelopes and could not have any idea of what is in the envelope. The subject would try to determine, paranormally, what is in the envelope.

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A parapsychological test where the subject is required to guess (or determine paranormally) the order of a set of symbols (such as cards) from top to bottom.

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A secondary power of the minerals that form in the monoclinic crystal system. These minerals often appear to have a hazy surface as if there is something veiled from our sight just beneath the surface. They are used to aid us in focusing our energy to hold onto our dreams.
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1.  The spirit or soul of a deceased person that, for some reason, is trapped on earth and unable to spiritually evolve. Reasons for being earthbound include a spirit’s need to give a message to someone, the atonement for an act committed while living, fear of “moving on,” watching over a loved one, etc.

2.  The belief that some spirits, especially those dying in sudden and unexpected transitions, and children, cling to the earth experience they knew and fear moving on and resist the natural process.

Suggested Reading

Davidson: Spirit Rescue, A Simple Guide to Talking with Ghosts and Freeing Earthbound Souls.

Crawford: Spirit of Love, a Medium’s Message of Life Beyond Death

See Also:  earth bound
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A spectacular paranormal phenomena produced by the medium D.D. Home (pronounced “hume”) where an entire room would shake, as if there were an earthquake.
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A misty or cloudy substance that had been recorded on film. It often has the appearance of fog and may not have been visible to the eyes.
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1.  A viscous substance said to come from the spirit world. Usually milky white in color when visible, this substance, is claimed to be the means by which spirits produce poltergeist or telekinetic activity. Highly controversial during the heyday of séances, it would sometimes become physical by way of a “physical medium,” being exuded from her orifices, solar plexus, or fingertips. The substance is said to be “plastic,” that is, highly moldable, and can form faces, limbs, or complete ...

2.  A misty appearing substance emitted from various body orifices of the medium believed to originate from the etheric body.

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(1877–1945) An American psychic known as the "Sleeping Prophet" due to his delivery of thousands of readings during a trance-like state. The founder of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, many of his readings gave unorthodox healing methods that many people claim are highly effective. Although a Christian, many of his channelings are decidedly non-orthodox, including a belief in reincarnation. He also gave information on Atlantis, wars, the end of the world, etc. Many of his ...
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Electroencephalography. A practice often used during parapsychological testing that observes and/or records (via an electroencephalogram) the electrical activity of the brain, especially in the cortex, the outermost layer of the cerebrum (it appears folded and gray) that seems to play an important role in consciousness.

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The paranormal ability to generate and manipulate forms of energy, especially electricity, using only the powers of the mind.

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Ghostly activity is frequently accompanied by changes in an area’s electromagnetic fields. Paranormal investigators use EMF detectors to discover paranormal “hot spots.” Sudden changes can also indicate that some sort of unusual activity is about to begin.
See Also:  EMF
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A spiritual voice that is recorded on tape or disk. Although paranormal investigators may be able to reproduce EVP at sites of hauntings, amateur investigators have had great success in producing such recordings in graveyards. The technique involves using a recorder and microphone turned to maximum recording levels. The result is the recording of wideband noise (often called “white noise” or “pink noise”), which has within it ghostly voices that may be very clear.
See Also:  white noisepink noiseEVP
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Developed by the Russian scientists Semyon and Valentina Kirlian in 1939, electrophotography is a technique in which an object being photographed, such as a finger tip, is placed in direct contact with film placed on a metal plate charged with electricity of high voltage and frequency. Electrophotography was hailed by many parapsychologists as “a way to see the unseeable” and “a window on the unknown” which could revolutionize our concept of self and the universe” ...
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The primary substance composing subtle bodies.

Suggested Reading – Bladon, L.: The Science of Spirituality

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A fire produced by psychically. Also, a type of phosphorescent light seen around swamps also known as a will o’ the wisp.
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A rare physical phenomenon observed as occuring to some mystics and mediums wherein a paranormal extention of the physical body appears.

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A psychic episode during which an individual receives a mental image accompanied with intense feelings of dread or grief over a current or future traumatic or disturbing event.
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The substance (matter) of the astral plane, of its energies and “operating system” is defined as Emotion. Whenever and however we experience what we know as emotion (feeling, love, desire, affection, ambition, gratitude, etc.) our astral body and the astral world are the field of action. Emotion is the energy "powering" most intentional psychic and magical operations, the energy responsible for many types of psychic phenomena, possibly including hauntings, poltergeists, rapping, etc.

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A individual with the psychic ability to perceive, absorb, and directly experience the strong emotions and/or intense physical sensations of others.
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The anguish experienced by empaths who unwittingly absorb the mental ills and bodily pain of others. Empaths who experience this phenomena are extraordinarily sensitive to emotional and bodily energies and must protect themselves from taking on the psychological and physical symptoms of those around them.
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The ability to psychically perceive, absorb, and directly experience emotions of others.
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The acceptance or assertion of some form of personal power, which can be worldly or spiritual. Some groups use the term as a name for certain initiation rituals.
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The ability to accomplish work. In metaphysical terms, there are two broad categories for this energy. Personal energy is created from within the body. Universal energy is exterior to the body and is either considered to be “from the universe” or from the Divine. The energy may be directed by the will for such functions as magick, healing, charging talismans, etc.
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A collection of inner energy that forms a sphere-like shape. The creation of energy balls between the hands is a common exercise when learning how to generate, extend, and direct personal energy (sometimes combined with universal energy). The purpose is to prove to a person that the energy does exist (it is tangible) and as preparation to direct the energy for everything from healing to telekinesis.
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(Also E.S.P.) See Extrasensory perception.

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Also known as Zener cards, a deck of twenty-five cards consisting of five sets of repeating symbols believed to be easily and clearly visualized and differentiated. The five symbols are a cross, a circle, a square, three wavy lines, and a five-pointed star. The cards were designed by a perceptual psychologist, Karl Zener, in the 1930s, for use in experiments by his colleague, J.B. Rhine. 

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A very systematic process for training memory and visualization skills, focusing on one “station” at a time within a short walk within the home, preferably leading from the sleeping area and back in a circle. After extensive “live practice,” the walk is repeated entirely in the imagination. It is a valuable preparatory technique for astral projection and lucid dreaming. It is adapted from The Art & Practice of Astral Projection by Ophiel.

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A rite or ritual used to force unwanted entities or spirits to leave a person, place, or thing.
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A person who performs an exorcism. In Roman Catholicism, a priest who has been trained and authorized to perform a special rite for this purpose, made famous by the movie of the same name.
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An Out-of-Body state in which personal identity remains intact with acute awareness of one's own being as an independent entity.

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A test of a theory, preferably performed under scientific conditions and controls. Many occult magicians consider rituals to be types of experiments.

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In parasychological scientific research, an experimental group is a set of people who take the same tests to rate their paranormal ability. This compares with a control group, who are similarly tested and form a base line to compare against the experimental group.

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Derived from the practices of medieval alchemists, the experimental method is at the heart of Western science. It involves these steps: Through observation and research, an educated guess or hypothesis is made concerning the cause and action of the observation. The hypothesis is tested via more observation and the use of controlled experiments to determine its accurateness. If the hypothesis does not explain all of the observations, it needs to be changed. When the final hypothesis explains ...